Medical Alerts

Medical alert systems are simple and easily accessible devices that can make a world of difference in a medical emergency. These devices allow us to contact authorised personnel or emergency services, in the event of a fall or other emergencies. Whether you are a senior looking for extra security, a family member concerned about an older or disabled adult living alone or a chronically ill individual, wishing to give your family some peace of mind, you can benefit from considering our personal emergency response system.

How Do Medical Alert Systems Work?

In an emergency, you or your loved one presses the button on the pendant, which sends a call through the base station to our monitoring centre. One of our monitoring staff answers the call and using the pendant’s speakerphone, asks if you need help. If you do need help or can't answer, the staff either contacts your emergency contacts, such as family members, to have them check on you or alerts emergency services to go to your home.

Components of a Medical Alert System

A medical alert system comprises of a base station, typically connected to a phone line or GPRS unit, along with an emergency pendant that you wear at all times. The base station stays in the same place in your home, preferably within range of where you are most of the day. You wear the pendant either on your wrist or around your neck, wherever it is most comfortable and easily accessible for you.

Medical Alert Device

Digital Security Monitoring medical alert devices pairs with your base station and is with you at all times. Common choices in medical alert devices include wristbands and necklaces. Both are fully functional, so choose the one that is best for you.

Monitoring Centre

When you activate your help button, it alerts our monitoring center. Our trained operators will be alerted and proceed to speak to you through the speakers and microphone in your base station. If the operator cannot confirm that you are ok or what type of help you need, he or she will get in contact with the authorised individual or proceed to send emergency services to your home.

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