Types of Security Monitoring

Digital Security Monitoring provides clients with a range of security monitoring options. Our premium security monitoring which we provide to all our customers at no additional cost, instils a sense of confidence and peace of mind.

Dialler Monitoring

Dialler monitoring engages a copper analogue telephone line (PSTN) to transmit events to our monitoring centre. Dialler monitoring systems require a working analogue PSTN telephone line connected to the alarm panel in order to communicate alarm events to our monitoring centre.

Inner Range Multi Path GPRS & Permaconn GPRS (NBN Ready)

High security monitoring is achieved using a polled communication system where field hardware modules (STU’s) communicate with our monitoring control room at intervals as frequent as every 90 seconds. If these polls fail to be delivered within the allocated time the GPRS unit is an agile solution which will attempt to re-establish the connection to the monitoring centre using an alternative path via connected ethernet or second telco provider, if a failed connection cannot be re-established within a pre-determined time then an alarm is raised within the monitoring centre.


As the National Broadband Network is rolled out across the country PSTN phone lines will no longer be able to transmit signals from your alarm system to a control room. Digital Security Monitoring has the infrastructure in place to accommodate our clients, by making the transition to GPRS hassle free. Our infrastructure allows us to accommodate all GPRS units for those who have existing systems in place, or the option of installing a new system by one of our fully qualified and licensed staff.

Video Monitoring

Digital Security Monitoring provides clients video monitoring. We provide our clients with products which are tailored to their needs and allow them to have their premises monitored visually.  Video monitoring is where images and live feeds are transmitted to our control room, once we have received a breach via the security alarm system, our control room will have the opportunity to see the footage as events unfold and report them accordingly. 

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