Security tips for new homeowners

September 21 2017

As new homeowners move into their new home many don’t have the time to take note of their surroundings or simply neglect it. Digital Security Monitoring has a number of key points to take into consideration in order to prevent a burglary on your home. 

1. Get to know your surroundings

When you're new to a neighborhood, it's hard to pinpoint unusual activity as you are unfamiliar with your surroundings. Spend some time familiarising yourself with your property and observing daily life on your street. Get familiar with activities in your street by observing the vehicles your neighbors drive? Is it common to see people out at night and early in the morning? How common are delivery trucks and other vans in the street?

The more aware you are of what's “typical,” the better prepared you will be to spot something out of the ordinary or suspicious.

2. Meet your neighbors

Your neighbors can be your biggest watchdogs to prevent intrusion or burglaries. Introduce yourself and get to know one another so that they feel comfortable alerting you if something appears not right, or contacting the police on your behalf if needed.

In addition, trusted neighbors are great for picking up mail or putting out bins whilst you are away. This makes it seem like you’re home, even when you’re not, which can deter burglars.

3. Change your locks

You don't know who, or how many people, the past homeowner gave keys to. Change your locks upon moving in to prevent these people from having easy access to your home.

4. Install a home security system

A home security system is a deterrent for any burglar, with many systems and components tailored to your needs and the structure of your home. Talk to Digital Security Monitoring today to build a customised plan for your needs, lifestyle and budget

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