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October 18 2017

Digital Security Monitoring is a proud endorser of Paradox alarm systems. Having installed Paradox over the last 7 years we have found that the systems which they provide are both extremely reliable and can cater to residential, commercial and industrial sites, whether you are after a simple setup or a sophisticated option, Paradox is able to accommodate a range of sites and options.

Paradox is known for being an innovator in research and development it is recognised worldwide for creating some of the finest alarm systems available on the market, Paradox boasts industry leading security solutions at competitive prices.

Perhaps you are looking to upgrade your existing home alarm system? Paradox is compatible with your existing wired security alarm peripherals and with the additions of a wireless expansion module you can connect up to 32 devices. If you have existing PIR devices, Paradox wireless peripherals offer hardwired external zones, allowing you to connect wired and wireless peripherals to your entire security alarm system. You can be assured regardless of the structure of your home or business you will have adequate coverage to safely secure your premises. 

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